How to Learn English, From Zero to Fluency, Without Travel

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I’m David Mansaray  –  a language learner and teacher, here to help you learn English foreign language from zero to fluency, without travel.  

Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of students succeed at learning English, and I’ve also learned Spanish, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese to fluency.  Admittedly,  I learned most of my Portuguese in  Brazil, but this was after learning most of my Spanish in London, and most of my Italian in Spain.  I know first hand that travel is not necessary for success in language learning.  


So how exactly does one reach fluency without travel?

That’s exactly what this site will help you do! But before diving into specific tactics, it’s important to understand that to succeed in language learning, you must subscribe to a collection of beliefs and implement a set of fluency building habits (this usually means adopting a completely different approach to the way languages are taught in schools).

Changing beliefs and implementing new habits is not easy – that’s the real challenge in language learning, and my challenge as a teacher, but also why success in language learning is so rewarding.

To learn a new language means to go on a transformational journey.

You can’t succeed and remain the same. You must be open to change.

To help you understand what’s required to reach fluency, and help you succeed, I’ve published the 11 Fluency Activators – a comprehensive list of the beliefs and habits needed to activate fluency in any language.

But please be aware that it isn’t a list of shortcuts, or a promise of advanced fluency in months… Instead it’s a list of core principles that when followed and internalised have the power to activate fluency in any language.

I’m happy you’ve decided to go on this transformational journey and I look forward to helping you succeed!